Will 3D Printing Break Copyright?

Breaking Copyright With 3D Printing!

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3D Printing: The hype is real! Engineers, Designers, and everyday consumers are using this new fabrication process to conceptualize and create things that were once impossible. But what does this mean for the future of manufacturing and where do these 3D prints fall on the thin line between copyright infringement and fair use? Is it possible that 3D printing will do for objects what MP3s did for music; by once again radically transforming the way we look at copyright? In this episode of Idea Channel, we sit down with Michael Weinberg, head of litigation at Shapeways, a 3D printing company located in New York to get an inside look at their facilities and discuss the how copyright is handled in the 3D printing world.

Thanks to Michael Weinberg for taking the time to chat with us!

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Articles written by Michael Weinberg

Understanding Why the Copyright Office is Looking into 3D Printing


Mental Floss:

1:42 3D Printing Thingiverse – Simple Planetary Gears – PrintrBot Simple Metal

1:51 3D printed knife Butterfly Knife

1:58 PYLOS /// Large scale 3D Printing by IAAC

2:02 Make a wooden cup

2:07 FELIX 3D Printer – Coffe Cup

2:26 makerbot replicator mini time lapse tree

2:56 Large format industrial 3D printer, the VX2000

2:58 CES 2016 – 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Virtual Reality, Holograms & More

3:01 Electroloom the 3D Fabric Printer

3:42 Making of Centriphone by Nicolas Vuignier

5:41 3D Printing how to make moveable parts

9:42 A 3D Print That Looks Like It Comes Out Of Thin Air. Time Laps & Real Time. Rostock Printer

9:45 Amazing 3D Printing Demo

9:47 Cube 3 Unboxing & Demo Print (3D Printing)

10:08 3D Printing Splashy iPad Stand on the Ultimaker 2

12:00 Spiky 3d Printed Art

12:05 3d printed face by sophia kahn

13:55 3D Printed Boat

Artist is 3D Printing a 26 Foot Long Boat in 100,000 Separate Pieces on 30 3D Printers

MUSIC at 07:44
Monotone – Minimalist

Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
(who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound: http://bit.ly/1sCn0BF)

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17 thoughts on “Will 3D Printing Break Copyright?

  1. Hung Ly

    I got two questions.
    I am a 3d model/zbrush artist. If i create a character that belong to another company, ex. Iron Man or Gambit etc and include it in my portfolio. Am i infringing on copyright? What if i don't claim the copyright to the character and make it clear that the property is owned by whichever company owns the copyright?

  2. Sorry my english is so suck

    Why every 3d printing video explains what is 3d printer how it works and shit. we already know this shit shit

  3. Sheridan Smith

    Read Four Futures by Peter Frase who explores how Capitalism could exist with the Star Trek replicator technology. Interesting read, though firmly Socialist. (P.S. I'm firmly Socialist.)

  4. RogueOperative

    I was on Thingivers, and one of the models said "For Commercial use, share like". Does that mean I can pint, and sell the item, as long as I Show a link to the original source?

  5. Taylor Foerster

    I'm glad someone finally made a user friendly video of this information.
    Lol our kids will be pirating lego sets

  6. Vegard Fjeldberg

    This is one of the things that could happen in the near future.

    I want to print a 1.5 meter high Finn statue. I order it from the company Modelopia. They pay nickelodeon something based on what their policy are on 3d printing. In this case, they want 10% of the total untaxed price the consumer spent on the product. Modelopia sends me an email back to update what the final price will be which was 1000 dollars, plus the cost for sending the item to my local post office.

    Maybe you don't like Finn that much, but would rather have Tommy Wisseau from The Room in your living room. Gonna be so much more simpler getting that statue now.

  7. HelikaonIX

    It might break copyright but only for a short time before they were regulated via programming to only accept certain blueprints from certain sources. Sure there will be pirates still able to override and access copyrighted material for free, but the majority of people won't be breaking copyrights I don't think.

  8. Pile of carbon

    I can see a system like Steam or Netflix for licensed and verified 3D-files for when it's absolutely crucial that the parts you're printing are up to specs, as in the example with the aeroplane. Stocking items is expensive as hell, but a 3D-printing shop with access to high end SLS machines can make things on demand. I might take a couple of days instead of waiting up to a few weeks for said parts to get shipped halfway across the world. It would also be better for the environment to manufacture things within a short distance from where they are to be used.

  9. Joe Rusynyk

    it is only a copyright violation if you are causing the owner a loss of revenue or if you claim it as your intellectual property.

  10. Skye Renard

    I have been getting very interested in 3D printing but with the advent of regulation on some things and some designs being made illegal to even download what so ever, just makes me concerned about where 3D printing will go and how much more BS will go through then what had to be delt with when I grew up through before computers and seeing the whole slew of things that came up with computer technology and MP3s and other formats….


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