Urban Outfitters DIY demonstration — block printing

Stephen Loidolt demonstrates block printing techniques with products available at urbanoutfitters.com

Red Baron
SKU #17088915

Great for just about any craft activity that requires even pressure or burnishing, the Speedball Red Baron offers a smooth, substantial surface and handle at the back for easy distribution. Perfect for block printing, the compact surface of the Red Baron evenly transfers ink and paint images onto paper. Made in the USA. Spot clean.


Model B Lino Press
SKU #17088907

Master the press. Portable, heavy duty steel press, perfect for easily applying even pressure to your work. Moveable, pivoting top plate that stays in place when lifted up; foam-topped bed; two height adjustments. Works great with almost all linoleum (mounted and not mounted) and hard/soft block printing materials. Made in the USA. Wipe clean.


Speedy Carve Kit
SKU #17088923

A petite kit for a time-tested, stamp-making practice. Take the tracing paper and draw the design you’d like to transfer to your rubbery carve block. Then use the wooden handled cutter (with 1 of 2 metal carving tips) to scoop out your design (keeping in mind that the spaces you carve will be the spaces that retain ink). Tada! Block print stamp. Use your stamp over and over to create your image on all sorts of surfaces with different types and colors of paint. Instructions included. Made in the USA. Hand wash. * Includes: carve block (6″l, 4″w), wooden handle with v-shape line cutter and u-shape gouge attachments, tracing paper, instructions
* Ink sold separately

Printmaster’s Press
SKU #17088972

Pressing issue. Great for relief and intaglio printing, this heavy duty, capable printing press creates even prints from woodcuts, linoleum and carving blocks. Simple construction with wood-topped manual hand crank; spring-loaded adjustable rollers; easily mounts on most tabletops with use of a clamp. Takes sheets up to 12″ wide. Made in the USA. Wipe clean.
* Alloy aluminum


6″ Brayer #64
SKU #17088964

Roll on. Petite brayer with a soft rubber roller, mounted on a capable metal core and attached to a sturdy plastic handle. Perfect for use with block printing. Made in the USA. Spot clean.
* Roller: 1.25″ diameter
* Web exclusive


Blockprinting Screenprint Ink
SKU #17088956

Set of 6 (1.25 ounce) water soluble block print paint tubes, in bold, rich colors. Mix and clean up easily! Made in the USA. Wipe clean.
* Includes: 6 tubes
* Water soluble ink
* Web exclusive


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