The Printing Process – Sheet Offset Press – English

The Printing Process – Sheet Offset Press – English

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19 thoughts on “The Printing Process – Sheet Offset Press – English

  1. sachinchochi

    this presentation is good.. but it tells the process of machine not about thhe offset printing process as such

  2. FuhQshane

    how the hell did you manage do not mention the most important part? how the hell does the ink build correctly on the paper?

  3. derek latham

    i was a printer for 30 years started in letterpress and up on litho presses, hated every minute of it.

  4. Colee King

    I've been in printing 10 years. My dad works for Komori. I love printing and hope to get on with them one day!

  5. Ray Rumming

    i was a print finisher from June 2nd1964 until i was made redundant in May 2013. Not much i didn't do. From pharmacy folding up to SRA1 32pp sigs on MBO and Stahl folders , hot melt, hand bookbinding.Muller fold stitch trim.cutting and creasing on old Heidelberg cords.Wholenberg, Polar,Schneider 115 guillotines guillotines Printing very stressful career But now its paid it toll on my body and nerves. 66 yrs old. Glad its all behind me, leave it for you young ones.


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