Taiwan Smooth.Offset Machine.shafless roll to roll printing machine.

SPM-450 OR shafless roll to roll printing machine
A shaftless fully-computer-technology-based, collaborating with post-processing machine. With maximum width of loading paper of 450mm, printing area of 430 x 410mm, it is the maximum printing area of an intermittent roll to roll printer, providing maximum width of loading paper of 450mm. 4 to 8 printing blocks are allowed for co-working with a standard types, and its fast print ing speeds reaches up to 12,000 sheets per hour.
HMI (Human Machine Interface System) touch screen contains the paper texture tension control system, setting rate of the inking, automatic alignment for printing block and fault detection (automatic warning system). The languages other than English such as German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Malaysian are available by choosing from touch screen.
TEL:886-3-4725667 E-mail:info@smoothmac.com
Smooth Machinery CO, Ltd. is the first company, which uses CNC on its products: CNC roll to roll Offset, Letterpress full / intermittent rotary printing machines, Silk screen label printing machines, Die-cutting machines, Hot-stamping machines, Label printing machines and Slitter… etc. All printing presses are installed with CNC Automatic

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