T Shirt Printing Heat Press – What You Need To Know

T Shirt Printing: Heat Press – What You Need To Know

T Shirt Transfer Printing Training DVD

In this video, I show you why it is not advisable to buy an unbranded cheap heat press. I also show you how you can use a hat press for applying logos on T shirts instead of using a full size heat press.

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15 thoughts on “T Shirt Printing Heat Press – What You Need To Know

  1. Vietnam Vet

    Hi I'm retired and thinking about starting a T-Shirt business  . I have found a Heat press and other thing to make the letters but where would I get the T-Shirts from. I know I will need to have some on hand.

  2. sunil kumar Rout

    Hi Martin,
    I found this information are very imp before starting own tshirt business. Great info u shared.
    Could you please let me know list of machine I need to perches to start my Tshirt business from home.
    01- Printer name which can support A3 sublimation paper
    02- Heat press machine name
    03- Ink jet company you are using
    04 – sublimation paper for White & dark tshirt
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Sam Evans

    Hi Martin. I am doing jackets for a customer and for a long time everything was good. They switched brands that use a plastic zipper and I ended up damaging some of them while pressing chest logos. Do you do jacket chest logos and if so do you use your hat press? Thanks

  4. Chacon Johnson

    Martin, you gave me some amazing advice a few months ago regarding the heat press type I should invest in based on quality and I took your advice and I could not be happier (hottronix) I just want to say thank you for that first of all. Question for you: I have a 75 shirt order coming up and was debating over vinyl witch is what I been using vs getting screen prints from a company. based on quality of the two. do you personally have a preference regarding durability?

  5. Doall Kgfun

    hi now to printing using Epson printer and the print colter is not coming out that good the inks iv been using are sublmatlon ink can u help

  6. liz J

    Is it a smarter idea to buy shirt press and a hat press separately rather than buying a multi use machine?

  7. Ronni la vin

    Great series Martin!
     Hi from a misty Eastbourne!
     Q: Do you know if the Teflon coated polo shirts(stain proof 😉 can be used with htv?If yes,which one?
    Thanks Martin.
     P.S Have you a facebook page?

  8. deeba hussain

    hi martin , firstly i wiuld like to say all ur videos r awsome, i gave learned so much from them, ghe problem im having is wthe adjustment of pressure on the heat press,because some of my vinyl sticks to the garment n some doesnt, so i tried to turn the pressure knob n it came of, niw i cant seem to get it back on n if i manage to get it bk on the vkamp wont close im having to hold it down etc,pls help most appreciated

  9. Makepenny Crafts

    I sell heat pressed T-shirts with the guidance from some of your videos A couple of customers have come back advising that the transfer and vinyl was coming off. I use Yolo paper for dark fabrics and MDP hot flex vinyl. Im using their recommendations for pressing – paper 175 deg 25 secs and vinyl 165 deg 17 secs. Medium pressure. Can you advise why the paper transfer and vinyl is coming away. Cheers Martin

  10. blugenes1

    hi can i use a SEAL DRY MOUNTING & LAMINATING PRESS JUMBO 150 …for doing t-shirts thank you for your anticipated response

  11. Heber Tzib Perez

    What heat press machines you recommend, that aren't that expensive but they are good? Thank you in advance.

  12. Jaune Smiley

    Unless you are using that fist for Black Power, ypu shouldn't be using it. White people love to take black people's icons and sayings, and them for their own purposes.

    Even though I'm white myself, I see this shit all the time and I think it's out of order. That fist means one thing only. It's like taking the Nike symbol and using it for your own purpose, I'm quite sure the black panthers would not be impressed. Probably Copyright infringement there.


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