T Shirt Printing: A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I’ll Show You How. Real Income.

T shirt Printing: A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I’ll Show You How. Real Income.
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If you have a spare bit of money doing nothing just sitting in the bank, why not start this little home business that you can run from home by investing in the right equipment and my training dvd to show you exactly how to set this up.
I’ll show you the exact formula that has made us thousands of pounds and stop you wasting money on making the mistakes we made by showing you the correct systems to use and follow. It’s easy to buy the wron heat press and waste a lot of money so don’t be a fool, get wise.

Check out my other t shirt playlists at http://youtu.be/Cn8s_Ut3NlM?list=PLO265WIIFik5mi-bKG_pR8RaVZqRu7WDn

Without the right training, it is very easy to buy the wrong stuff and waste a lot of money, that’s why we know our stuff as we have made all the mistakes and know about all the different systems involved.

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11 thoughts on “T Shirt Printing: A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I’ll Show You How. Real Income.

  1. Joseph Schultz

    Hi Martin, love your videos very helpful !
    do I have to have permission from the company's to buy shirts blanks like Hanes, fruit of the loom? knowing that Im going to print on them and resell.

  2. Deals Trap Shop

    Nice information and really impressive setup. Where do you buy for transfer paper for white T-shirt printing please and which type do you buy?


    hi Martin Butler, have you got an email address I could email you on. I would like to learn how to heat press t – shirts and hoodies. thanks it would be much appreciated

  4. Furious KO

    how do you stop getting black specks on the white mugs, having issues with this at the moment even after cleaning the images and erasing.

  5. TheFilmClub

    Ive watched countless videos on T-shirt printing and no one says anything about how to insert the ink into the printer and what ink or about the process that goes on on your computer before you print and what paper to use UGH

  6. Briar Roses Boutique

    I have a children's boutique and right now I am using heat transfer vinyl so it limits the designs I can do. What can I do in order to print more detailed designs that look great that won't completely break the bank (I just started) on 100% cotton fabrics or cotton/poly blends?


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