Sirca & Cefla World innovation company

Sirca & Cefla World innovation company
The Cefla Finishing, the world-leading provider of finishing, decoration and digital printing solutions for wooden articles and its by-products, designs and manufactures tailored and “turnkey” systems for the wood market.

The expertise acquired from years of experience and unique know-how also make the Group a driving force in the glass, plastic, fibre cement, compositematerials and metal sectors.

The Cefla Finishing’s reference target is wide and varied, ranging from renowned names in the building and furniture industries to the aerospace and automotive segments.

The Group

A tradition of growth and innovation.

A network formed by companies with common goals of tecnological innovation and internationalization for green growth.

Durante Alliance, the new name for a great team established back in the ’70s by its founders Tarcisio and Luigi Durante, ha become, over the years, a leading company for coatings, polymers and adhesives on the international market.

With its ethical and businness values deeply rooted in “Made in Italy” quality, this company has human resources and technological research as its lefeblood, developing in various directions on international markets.

The company includes five Corporate Brands, which meet current and future challenges together in order to develop further andbetter.

Professional Wood coatings
Cefla Finishing: Finishing Systems for Wood, Glass, Plastic

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