Setting up auto bed-leveling on the Makerfarm Prusa i3. Part 3 – Final setup

In part three of this three part series, I go over how to measure the servo angles and probe offsets that need to be defined in Marlin’s Configuration.h file, thus enabling the amazing auto bed-leveling features that are now part of the Marlin firmware.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT SIMPLY PLUG IN THE VALUES THAT I COME UP WITH IN THIS VIDEO. They won’t work! Since every setup is a little bit different, and these values are very precise, you will absolutely, positively need to go through the process of determining what the servo angles and probe offsets are FOR YOUR PARTICULAR PRINTER.

As always, kudos and hats off to Lars Bubaker and Alex Borro, the guys who got this working and ported to the Makerfarm i3! Well done, fellas!

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17 thoughts on “Setting up auto bed-leveling on the Makerfarm Prusa i3. Part 3 – Final setup

  1. Nubyrc

    we're do you wire the switch at the bottom of the servo arm? I noticed in the first video you showed where to plug in the servo on the ramps board but not the switch

  2. Harasi

    Just in case someone have the same issue I got the X and Y offsets with points so I had hard time compiling the hex file every time getting error finally find out that X & Y offsets must be integers no points

  3. Afzal Patil

    Hey! im running into a few problems with auto bed leveling, after doing what youve suggested and giving the print command, my printer performs the bed leveling routine and then the z axis lifts (ive adjusted the raise before probing value to be 35mm in Marlin) the servo arm swings and stays parallel to the bed, now im expecting the x-carriage to lower and the nozzle to come near the bed, but it simply starts printing in mid air, I cannot find a solution to this and it is immensely frustrating kindly help!

  4. B_Kul

    Great Video. Does anyone have advice on getting the Z height to retract down to the bed when the print starts? I can auto-level successfully but the z does not retract down to the bed when printing.

  5. enesch69

    I followed this guide and have Auto level working and printing only issue is my prints are not centered. they are off to the right of my bed. not sure how to correct.

  6. 5thString

    I like your videos, they're informative, but hearing you make that sound with your tongue every 10 seconds makes me want to rip my head off and shove it up my own asshole. Great info though.

  7. Stoney Rose

    after autobed leveling in prontoface, how do i know my printer will save the "beds level" before i start a print in simplify 3d?

  8. Vitalij Berezhinski

    Hey, after all the settings when an error occurs the test, home x / y after z can not solve this problem, how can you know?

  9. Ремонт Китайских Телефонов

    Do you heat bed and a hotend nozzle while making the probe locations?

  10. Ремонт Китайских Телефонов

    all set up in the firmware still measures only one point, how to calibrate on a hot table?


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