Ryobi 754 offset printing press

Ryobi 754, four colour offset press at Finesse Druk, Heerhugowaard (Netherlands)

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17 thoughts on “Ryobi 754 offset printing press

  1. ASPR

    Many used presses from US/Europe are being shipped to India and China, but I guess there will be similar fate of many presses here in India as well in the next few years.

    Due to the high cost of investment and reducing margins growth in this sector is going to be very tricky. The Chinese will sustain longer as they are now a days making pretty good presses at fraction of cost that are capable of pulling good quality work except at the cost of speed which doesn't seem to be too big an issue.

  2. ASPR

    There are in reality some machines in CD/DVD manufacturing I have seen that have option of being controlled via internet in real time by their manufacturers.

  3. David Nantz

    Ryobi runs circles around the Heidelberg. Ryobi doesn't charge $500 for an ink key and $1,000 for a tech to walk through the door.

  4. Tony From Syracuse

    @synar things sure have come a long way from when I ran a AB dick 360 in highschool. anyways nice video.

  5. Tony From Syracuse

    how do you know if the ink is getting a little light or faded? there doesnt seem to be anyone standing around doing a quality chck.

  6. David Nantz

    We have a 5-color with coater demonstrator model for sale. Dave at KirbyWest 512-992-7430. Tim 512-992-9072

  7. miven666

    Im learning to be a pressman in the czech rep. but so far i heard only bad news about ryobi machines.. but i love their LED-UV

  8. Ronald de Leeuw

    Yeah, we are still very happy with the Ryobi.
    The other press at the plant is a 2 colour Heidelberg speedmaster 52 , and in the future this press will be exchanged for a Ryobi 522 for sure.

  9. Ronald de Leeuw

    The Ryobi 780 is a totally different press then this 750. The 750 is superior to the 780, it got a totally different build of cilinders!
    I work with this 750 for over two years now, and i am still very satisfied, and so are my colleagues.
    I am a pressoperator for 26 years now and worked with all the big names in offset.

  10. jonmonk2007

    nice video and machine..ryobi and komori are creeping up roland and heidelbergs back door with quality and most of all price..they are not the machines of years ago now they are really a force to be reckoned with..beware the germans…im on a 5col roland prints great…but dont most new machines these days..greetings from germany…

  11. Ronald de Leeuw

    Nice to hear from an overseas colleague.
    The printing business is very unstable for about 6 years now overhere, and it only got worse with the current crisis. But the company's that managed to survive so far will stay in business…..at least i hope so.
    Our company is doing quite well, we can't complain!
    The Mitsubishi sounds like a very nice press. I know they are very solid machines.

  12. steelcappedstrength

    So, hows the printing industry doing in the netherlands now a days?
    here in the u.s. (new jersey) its not too good any more…most of the printing shops are closing thier doors.. I'm a 2nd pressman working on an 8 color mitsubishi double diamond with 4/4 perfecting and UV abilities

  13. ISLWYN2007

    Try setting the sheet size one or two mm shorter than the actual sheet size. eg. if you are running a sheet of 520 x 370 set the drum at 368.


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