Ryobi 1050 offset printing press (2)

Ryobi 1050 large format offset press.
Introduced on Drupa 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Ryobi 1050 offset printing press (2)

  1. tobagotb10

    Yes me too, only know Heidelberg, although I did ran a Komori Sprint 25 for a number of years. Maybe it's worth looking at an alternative water system, Kompac or similar. 90% of press problems are water related according to the stats.

  2. John Fairbairn

    I think they did a little I'm not to sure about them. A sir speedy shop in mass has the smaller one and the pressman hates the waters and he ran komori's. I only know alcolor systems from heidelberg

  3. tobagotb10

    You would think that they have worked those problems out on a size like that. Maybe they should have consult Komori first. Nice video though.


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