Riso HC5500 120ppm ComColour Printer

On Demand Printing, Fast Turnaround Document Printing.
Finishing Services include; Guillotining, Binding, Punching, Folding and Booklet Making

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7 thoughts on “Riso HC5500 120ppm ComColour Printer

  1. mergeprintmail

    @OxygenForever the Riso prints CMYK. Colours can overprint each other – you can tell that from how the flesh tones are printed in the video. Not sure where you can buy this machine. Thanks for commenting on the video.

  2. mergeprintmail

    i was a bit shocked after reading your comment. how and why would anyone be so devious? anyway your question is valid so it deserves an answer. the riso has a setting that allows it to print right up to the page edge. i have it set to maximum by default. it can do this because the machine has a sensors that determines the size and position of each page then uses that information to determine where to fire the ink at the page.

  3. mergeprintmail

    @mergeprintmail remember there are 24 print heads in this machine and it's capable of printing to the edge of a SRA3 size. thanks for your question, i appreciate the opportunity to answer it.

  4. Ytronsdinz

    Looks like you're running a pre-printed document to me… it bleeds right off the edge before even being trimmed?


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