Riley Hopkins JR Screen Printing Press Setup

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8 thoughts on “Riley Hopkins JR Screen Printing Press Setup

  1. Shayway

    does the Riley Hopkisn JR presses support different types and sizes of platens or just the size they ship with?

  2. Michael Fragoso

    Hey so I was given a brand new Printa Systems 770 series 4 color press and I was wondering your opinion on Printa Systems screen print presses? I really want to get the Riley Hopkins six color press probably within the year.

  3. Blue Crab Clothing

    so I am going to buy the one station press after the first of the year is it able to be expanded to a 4 station down the road

  4. Nigel Gibson

    reading the reviews n watching the vids ..exellent machine…can anyone say whats the cost of such a press thanks..

  5. Alien Screens

    Just ordered the upgraded 6/4 Riley hopkins Jr. press kit with and also upgraded to the X-Vactor exposure unit and I can't wait for it all to get here and get started. I had a GREAT experience working with their sales staff and plan to use them for all my supplies. I read good reviews of this company on T-Shirt Forums, and they delivered.


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