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Within the printing industry there are various different forms of printing, if you are looking to produce short run job (under 500 copies) it would be best to produce on a digital printing press and to use a printing printing company.

If you are not an experienced print buyer you might up end up paying for too much for any printing services that you might require.

Within this video we have highlighted the benefits of web offset printing and also the benefits of using a printer who uses lithographic sheet fed printing presses.

If you are looking to print Brochures, Catalogues and Magazines and the quanity is over 10,000 it is highly possible that you should use the service of a web print company or as most would call it web offset printing, if so you should use a web printers.

If you are looking for a brochure printing service and the quantity ranges from 500 copies to 10,000, your best bet would be to contact a lithographic printers who has a B2 or B1 printing press.

Most printed items that you come across will be printed using lithographic printing companies, different printing companies will have specialist area of expertise, such as envelope printing is a very niche marketing within the printing industry so there will be printing companies that just print envelopes.

If you are looking to source all printed items from the same printing companies it might be a good idea to work with a print management company who can source all your printing requirements for you. The benefits and value in working with a print management company can be great.

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