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Community favourite Print Three Franchising Corporation is given the Consumer Choice Award for Best Printing Service in Toronto

When you are looking for high quality digital prints for flyers, promotional items, business cards, letterhead or any other need, contact Print Three. They are Canada’s leading digital printing company, which makes them fully prepared to handle all of your printing orders.

Print Three has been providing exceptional printing services for their customers since 1970. With over 50 locations in Canada, they have the resources to handle your needs. Each member of their staff is friendly and professional, with the knowledge and experience to offer the right printing solutions and services for your project. Offset and digital printing services are only part of what Print Three has to offer. Ask about their direct mail management services to get a handle on contacting your current or potential customers, or speak with their design team to create the perfect materials for your needs. Print Three even offers lamination, binding and saddle stitching services to create professional finished products. When you need to have something printed look no further than Print Three, the Consumer Choice Award winner as the best printing service in Toronto.

The Consumer Choice Awards contact thousands of consumers and businesses each year to learn their opinions, perceptions and expectations. They are unlike any other organization in North America as they use statistically accurate market research to choose winners. The process has been fine tuned to perfection since first starting in 1987, using third party research firms to guarantee winners are the finest service providers in their category. All research today is conducted by Canadian-owned Leger Marketing, a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers and a leader in market research.

The award is successful in being the only one to accurately represent the opinions of each community by not allowing any extreme bias to alter results. With so much information available to us today, it is hard to know what is entirely accurate. The Consumer Choice Awards realize this and work hard to find only accurate data, avoiding third party influence from advocate groups, unethical conduct and industry insiders. Each participant has only one vote, and all data is handled solely by the research firm.

A specific set of criteria is followed in surveying individuals to learn their choices for winners in a variety of fields, making the process unique. The final winners are determined by a majority vote, just as Print Three has won for best printing services in Toronto. Winning is far from easy, as there is a great deal of competition among local businesses to provide the best services in their industry. The Consumer Choice Award serves to increase business and sales by causing companies to put their focus on customer satisfaction. By giving consumers a way to share their observations and use them to reward outstanding local businesses, the award is of great benefit to cities all over North America. For their efforts, Print Three has been given the Consumer Choice Award for best printing services in Toronto.

Print Three- Look them up online at to learn more about the services that earned them the Consumer Choice Award for best printing services in Toronto.

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