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See to talk to us about printing your magazines or catalogs in Asia. Then we can calculate shipping them via ocean freight or air freight to Port of Los Angeles, Port of San Francisco, or Port of Vancouver BC. But that’s only half the challenge.

The other big challenges include getting your magazines or catalogs through customs. After you find the correct HS Code, you have to get a customs broker to issue a bond to allow you through customs.

The steps are:
1. Print Magazines / Catalogs in Asia
2. Stuff Envelopes and Label Addresses to USPS Specs in Asia
3. Package for Lowest Freight Cost
– Ex Works

4. Pick the Right HS Code for Customs Duties Exceptions in FTA.

5. Get a Customs Broker to Issue You a Bond and Import Permit
6. Deliver to Direct Mail Company Nearest Port of Entry
7. Deliver Magazines and Catalogs to USPS.

Our offices are in LA NYC and SF.

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