Offset Printing Common Uses

Offset Printing Common Uses

Offset printing is the most commonly used processes for producing marketing and promotional materials. The versatility of this printing method is unmatched in the industry. Consider a few different advertising methods and the ways offset printing makes them better:

1. Direct Mail: One of the staples in the advertising industry, direct mail pieces benefit from the high quality card stock available. This helps protect the piece in the mail to make sure it looks as good as possible when it arrives in the hands of the recipient. Many offset printing facilities have the ability to print addresses as well as prepaid postage onto the piece and mail them out for you, making the direct mail process simple and streamlined.


Full of Offset Printing Options

The printing market is saturated with options and sometimes it becomes difficult to wade through the advantages of each type of printing. To make your choice easier, here is a simple list of the top five advantages associated with offset printing.

2. Affordable large quantity orders: It is the cheapest way to print high quantity orders. The initial cost to produce the printing plate make the unit cost for low quantities a little high. However, when large quantities are in order the cost of the printing plate is still the same. This means the cost per piece becomes exceedingly lower the more you order.

3. High Image Quality: This type of printing uses ink while its main competitor, digital printing, uses toner. Ink is able to create finer lines, smaller dots and richer color than toner can, making the image sharper and closer in exact appearance to the original. Offset uses printing plates, which produce a very clean image and dismiss the possibility of streaking and spotting


Offset Printing Specifications

Printing in offset can be confusing with all the specifications for different print products being the same. You can use these variations to your advantage though to print the materials you need without the extra cost of customizing. When you want to customize your marketing materials though, you may have to spend a little more for projects.

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