November 1992 ESPN commercials

Taken from Bodies In Motion, every weekday from November 2 to November 17. Note that many of these commercials repeated multiple times over this span. See pannoni3 on Dailymotion for a dozen episodes featuring Gilad Janklowicz.

1. Head & Shoulders
2. Women’s Ultra Mega at General Nutrition Center
3. Art Instruction Schools
4. Scoundrel’s
5. Toyota Camry
6. Hooters 500 promo
7. TV Guide
8. Scope
9. Soloflex
10. Old Spice
11. Crest
12. Bill Elliott: Racing Into History from ESPN Video
13. NCAA College Football: Iowa St. vs. Kansas St. promo
14. Vicks
15. Architectural Digest magazine
16. NFL Inflatable Football Helmets from Giredor II, Inc.
17. Curt Mondell for Florida House of Representatives
18. Delray Massage Centre/Pip Printing & Coping Center on Delray’s Atlantic Avenue
19. November 1992 on ESPN
20. Biotin
21. ESPN Sunday Night NFL
22. The Monuments of Mars: A Terrestrial Connection videocassettes
23. Boxing Bloopers and K.O.’s from ESPN Home Video
24. ESPN “box zooming to eyes” bumper
25. Another Scope
26. Taz NFL Watches from National Express
27. (same as #23)
28. Luna’s Restaurant (Delray Beach)
29. Gehriechi (sp?) Chiropractic
30. Fixodent
31. Tommy Sanders for an ESPN “You Can Make A World Of Difference) Public Service Message: clean water
32. Head & Shoulders
33. Another Soloflex
34. Palm Beach Gym & Fitness Center
35. H-H Carpets
36. NCAA College Football: Michigan vs. Northwestern/Kansas vs. Nebraska
37. Vicks Sinex
38. Pringles
39. Mercury Sable (the epitome of a ’90s car commercial: dual airbags and antilock brakes!)
40. NFL Primetime promo
41. Gary Johnson for another ESPN “You Can Make A World Of Difference” public service message
42. Another ESPN bumper
43. Another Art Instruction Schools
44. Rhino’s Home for Christmas
45. ESPN Sunday Night NFL: New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos promo
46. Pepto-Bismol
47. The Complete Guide to Exercise Videos
48. Bowling: Brunswick Memorial World Open promo
49. Golf: Lincoln-Mercury Kaplua International promo
50. Golf Mate
51. Vern’s Computers
52. Robert’s Gift Center and the Trouser Shop on Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue
53. (same as #49)
54. College Football: Alabama vs. Mississippi State promo
55. ESPN Mid-Day Workout: Body By Jake/Getting Fit/Bodies In Motion/BodyShaping promos
56. Inventor’s Helpline
57. Coast
58. Yet another Scope
59. The Wall Street Journal
60. (same as #42)
61. Richard Petty: The Legend on Home Video
62. Lincoln Town Car
63. VH-1 Music Video Hall of Fame promo
64. Another NASCAR Hooters 500 promo
65. Another Coast
66. ESPN College Gameday promo
67. Sports Illustrated
68. College Football: Pitt vs. Penn St./USC vs. UCLA promo
69. Another Old Spice
70. Another Pepto-Bismol
71. Partnership For a Drug-Free America
72. Yet another Old Spice
73. NCAA College Basketball: Murray St. Vs. Indiana (NIT) prpmo
74. Bowling: Bud Light Sam’s Town Invitational promo
75. Another Pepto-Bismol
76. 5th Ave. Auto Insurance
77. Another Toyota Camry
78. ESPN Outdoors promo
79. Tennis: ATP Tour World Championship promo
80. College Football: Pittsburgh vs. Penn St. promo

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