New Full Color 3D Printing Tech by Stratasys @ PD&M 2016

Stratasys’s Mark Bashor presents some colorful samples printed on their Objet Connex3 3d printer. Stratasys Creative Colors Software with the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine created these impressive examples. Additional 3d printed innovations are also presented in this video.

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6 thoughts on “New Full Color 3D Printing Tech by Stratasys @ PD&M 2016

  1. guesswho kk

    After the development of Zcorp, Polyjet, Reprap, revival of LOM (with colour), affordable FDM & SLA, 3d pen and now continuous SLA.

    After all this time, am I supposed to be impressed with Stratasys's latest development? No, definitely not!

    For goodness sake Stratasys you are supposedly the leader in 3D printing, so act like one! So lacking in scope and for one, stop using STL file as primary file transfer! Since CMM, CNC & CAM all uses 3d STEP and IGES or even SW Parasolid, but not STL.


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