Mixed Media – Print/Cut Heat Transfer Film with Reflective

This video tutorial from http://www.CADCUTdirect.com teaches you a technique for mixing different types of heat transfer films for a unique result. Prints are produced from a Roland® Versacamm and a Roland® GX-24 vinyl cutter.

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16 thoughts on “Mixed Media – Print/Cut Heat Transfer Film with Reflective

  1. Sweet Child

    when i was printing white alphabets on Black T-shirt, that time Alphabets got disappeared after i printed.

  2. Rofeal

    hi, may I ask, the mask tape that you used to apply on the printed design, is it high tack or medium tack? because I used to apply a tape on the dark paper (it's kinda like a hotfix tape, but it says that it's applicable on dark paper) and after I pressed it and take it out, there are adhesive residue left on the design. Please help. thank you~

  3. Bran Rono

    is there will be any problem if i use dark transfer paper ( sticker) for both light and dark fabric?

  4. Araf Rono

    Is there required two different printer for dark and light fabric ?? or just one printer could be used for both dark and light fabric ?thnx.

  5. Dustin Lee Odom

    Im trying to figure out the "application paper" type or name or whatever that will allow me to transfer the letters without having to manually align them up once cut. As it sits now I have to manually align all letters up when the cutter cuts the excess backing away. I use contact paper anyother time but I need something that I can put in my heat press. Thank you

  6. MrSimplecreations

    Im wondering if i can do this process with an inkjet printer and transfer paper you can find at places like Staples. I would print/cut the image using an inkjet print/cutter onto my transfer paper, use that clear sticky paper (what is that called by the way?) to grab my image, place it on the shirt and transfer the image. Then all i would have to do is peel the translucent paper off?

  7. humair khan

    hi. I have a printer and press but I don't know how can I print white on black t-shirts plz advise


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