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InkPrintCo is a one and two color offset trade printer. We have been in business since 1988, serving resellers in the print, ad specialty, office supply and graphic design industries.

As much as the world of print has changed since we started, some things remain the same. While a lot of this work has gone digital, there is still a significant amount of work that has to be run offset. Whether you need an exact PMS match, or your client is demanding that their job be printed on a particular stock, we service a need that cannot be filled in any other way. In some shops, one and two color offset is a forgotten item. Because this is the only type of work we manufacture, you job is valued here. Our clients consider us an extension of their own businesses, we act as their in house print shop. You will never hear us say “this job is too small for us”, because this is exactly the type of work we are looking for.

Each job is run individually, not ganged up on a sheet with 32 other projects. That way we can pay attention to all of the details.

You are able to supply your own paper, so you know it is not being marked up. We can supply your with referrals to area paper houses, who will deliver for free in many instances. If the job is too small to qualify for free delivery, many times we will pick up for you.

If you happen to be located nearby, feel free to drop by and check out your job on press.

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