Indian Railways Stamps: Philately( Collection)

This are stamps which I collected.For making it entertaining, I have added song too
Song in the video-Rail Gadi: Ashok Kumar
So please see with sound.

Some information about them are as follows-
1.Mail train:This 4-anna stamp released in 1937 depicts a portrait of King George VI and a 4-6-2 steam loco of East Indian Railways along with mail cars.
Date of issue: 23.8.1937
Denomination: 4 annas

2. Railway Centenary:On April 16, 1853 a train with 14 railway carriages, 3 locomotives Sindh, Sultan and Sahib, and 400 guests left Bombay at 15:35 hours. This was India’s first rail run.
Date of issue: 16.4.1953
Denomination: 2 annas

3. Signal Box Panel:Its objective is to standardize and improve on the railways with special regard to International traffic. The UIC is also responsible for ensuring co-ordination and unity of action amongst the International Railway Organization.

4,5. Electric Locomotive — definitive series:
Chittaranjan Locomotive works in 1961. The first 1500V DC WCM-5 Locomotive named ‘Lokmanya’ was commissioned by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the 14th of October 1961.The stamp depicts a WCM-5 from Kalyan shed in its original livery.
Date of issue: 1.7.1966 (normal); 2.10.1968 (overprinted for ICC)
Denomination: 10p,10rs.

6.GIP No 1: This engine is representative of the earliest engines employed in India.

7.F/l – This was the most widely used engine on Indian Railways before Independence.

8.WP class 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ – This design was the outcome of detailed study of previous types and incorporated the result of research into efficiency and mechanical details. 

9.WDM-2:This locomotive is a mixed class design with 2,600 hp. weighing 113 tons and hauls freight trains of 2,250 tons and mail trains with 18 coaches.

10. Centenary of Darjeeling mountain railway :The eternal Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway line having a two feet wide track, conceived by Franklin Prestage, the agent of the Eastern Bengal Railway, links Darjeeling to Siliguri, a distance of 87.48 Kms.

11,12,13,14. Centenary of south eastern railway: Date of Issue: 28.3.1987 
Denomination: 100 p, 150 p, 200 p, 400p 
Overall Size: 3.91 x 2.90 cms 
Printing Size: 3.55 x 2.54 cms 
Number per Issue Sheet: 35 
Colour: Multicolor 
Perforation: 13 x 13 
Paper: Imported unwatermarked adhesive gravure coated stamp paper 
Printing Process: Photogravure 
Number Printed: 1.5 million each 
Designers/Printers: India Security Press

15. Konkan Railways: Date of Issue: 1.5.1998 
Denomination: 800 p 
Overall Size: 3.50 x 7 cms 
Printing Size: 3.50 x 7 cms 
Number per Issue Sheet: 12 
Colour: Multicolor 
Perforation: 13 x 13 
Paper: Imported unwatermarked adhesive gravure coated stamp paper in sheets 50.8 x 53.5 cms 
Printing Process: Photogravure 
Number Printed: 0.7 million 
Designers/Printers: India Security Press

16.100 years of Railways in Doon valley
Date of Issue: 6.5.2000 
Denomination: 1500 p 
Overall Size: 4.05 x 4.80 cms 
Printing Size: 3.60 x 4.40 cms 
Number per Issue Sheet: 40 
Colour: Multicolor 
Perforation: 13.5 x 13.5 
Paper: Matt Chromo 
Printing Process: Photo Offset 
Number Printed: 0.7 million 
Designers/Printers: Calcutta Security Printers Ltd.

17. 150 years of Railways workshop:
Kanchrapara workshop: This was set up by the then Assam Bengal Railway (later Bengal Assam Railway) and subsequently acquired by Eastern Bengal Railway Company as a combined Loco Carriage and Wagon Shops on the present site of loco shops.
Jamalpur workshop: A locomotive, carriage and wagon workshop was set up in Howrah to put to commission imported rolling stock of EIR and also to render economic repairs to them.

I admit it,”This information I wrote from internet. But the pictures in the video were taken by me from my collection”.

Thank you for watching……

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