ILFORD Inspires – Chuck Kelton – Printing for Commercial Photographers

LFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Ltd are pleased to present ILFORD Inspires.

ILFORD Inspires are a series of global events seeking to encourage people to try traditional analogue black and white photography. The featured photographers and artists are chosen for their ability to add a unique photographic dimension, provide inspiration and demonstrate the art of what is possible within this highly creative medium.

The inaugural ILFORD Inspires event took place in Philadelphia, PA in August 2016 with artist, educator and master printer Chuck Kelton.


Chuck Kelton is an artist, educator and master printer. At Kelton Labs, he has spent many years working with some of the most significant photographers of the 20th century. He has collaborated with photographers like Mary Ellen Mark, Danny Lyon, Larry Clark, Helen Levitt and Saul Leiter producing gelatin silver prints for their exhibitions and portfolios.

As an artist he makes chemograms and photograms inside the darkroom; transforming light, chemistry and paper into abstract landscapes. Both chemograms and photograms are made without the use of cameras or negatives, rendering each print entirely unique.

In this video Chuck talks about printing for commercial photographers including Raven Afanador, Steven Meisel and Maureeen Lambray

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