HP Laserjet Pro 200 Colour MFP M276nw Demonstration

I made this video because, prior to purchasing this HP Laserjet, I found myself wishing there was a demonstration video about this printer on youtube to help with my decision to purchase. Here is my version to help anyone else who is thinking of purchasing this model.

I recently bought my first laserjet printer (color) because I’ve been getting very sick of the cost of inkjet printer ink. It seems, with every iteration of inkjet printers from any company, the ink cartridges last for fewer pages and cost more. This method of squeezing every dime out of customers by selling expensive, and half-empty print cartridges to customers is, in my opinion, bordering on unethical.

Anyway, my HP laserjet printer purchase was my attempt to battle this problem. This video is rather belabored demonstration of most of the features of HP Laserjet Pro MFP M276nw all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax.

I hope the video is informative. Leave a comment for questions.

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