How to Use Speedball Screen Print Materials Watch a step-by-step process of the popular Diazo Photo Emusion screen print method using Speedball’s Ultimate Screen Print Kit. This product can be purchased at
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17 thoughts on “How to Use Speedball Screen Print Materials

  1. Brenda Heilmann

    I bought this printing kit, followed the instructions and videos, but my emulsion after curing in a dark room, when I would go to rinse out to expose the transfer the emulsions would come off here and there and ruin my design. Very unhappy with this product!!! Does any one have another emulsion product that they like to use beside this one?

  2. 702islandpyro

    are you able to use the tulip fabric paint? and if so does it stick to the screen and is it hard to remove the paint from tje screen?

  3. James Barrett

    I coated my screen exactly as you did with photo emulsion. The emulsion drips through the screen onto the table. If you let it dry like that you will have to reclaim the screen because of all the thick dots of emulsion that formed on the screen.

  4. Yana Racosas

    Hey ! 🙂 your cool Dude ! (Y) 
    But can you help me. can you tell me about all the things you use in SCREEN PRINTING. ( or all SpeedBall ) materials you use in this video. 
    What are those ?
    Please. Help me. 

  5. q

    Whoa this looks easy, thanks for this video, can't wait to start making shirts. Do you sell this product at michaels and does everything come in a bundle?

  6. Hieroglyphics87

    hello is any way to dilute the ink? I tend to mix my inks to get certain colors but i got no idea how to dilute it, will turpentine work? 

  7. jose gonzalez

    un poco casero para hacerse unos sus propias camisetas blancas por que las oscuras ni de casualidad por que como hay que darle dos pasadas es dificil


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