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How I print white t-shirts with my professional Heat Transfer Press using your emailed artwork. I did this quick video as so many have asked me how I do it. I did 25 years of screen printing (silk screen) but I like the ability to render quickly what I envision. This process will not give you the same results as screen printing but will give you immediate results.

I use white shirts as the color of the shirt effects how the image will show. The white background is instrumental in the vibrancy or the colors and most importantly any white or highlight areas in the artwork. Some artwork changes significantly to the point where it mutes or kills the color when you put it on a different color shirt. The type of printer transfer paper I have been using has been type available from office supply store like AVERY INK JET Light Fabric Transfers. I have used commercial brands but it is what ever it works for you.I use a regular ink jet printer with standard inks, print mirror image. I have not experienced any cracking.

The artwork holds up great after a couple of YEARS..with 25 years of screen printing (silkscreening) it would be hard to pursuade a purist like myself..I have been very happy…I never sell my art work that I wouldn’t buy or wear. The inks I use are that of an inkjet printer with a high resolution setting for printing and using the “mirror” setting.

When you heat a transfer you are actually setting the ink into the fabric. The ink bonding to fabric gives it a better “hand” (feel ) to it. A consistant pressure and heat are very important for larger design surfaces. I have found it to last years.

Questions and artwork can be directed to the form at the bottom of the page :

I did aother YouTube video of Jimi Hendrix Print & T-shirt
How I did a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt using a heat press and inkjet Light Fabric Transfer Paper.

Limited Numbered Signed Edition of 93 Screen Printed (silkscreen) prints of Jimi Hendrix done by Walt Sullivan for each plus postage.

Image is 8″ tall by 12 1/2″ wide on heavy paper of 15″ tall by 18″ wide which gives you plenty of space to cut down or mat.

Designermite watermark not on prints or shirts. Can ship flat or rolled. Help support an artist in his endeavors.

Please enquire if interested or know of someone that might be. Thanks
Can do your artwork on white shirts also.


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