How To Screen Print -Step by Step process

Had a lot of people and clients want to know the process and how we are able to take a design to have it printed on a shirt. Here’s a video of just that!

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12 thoughts on “How To Screen Print -Step by Step process

  1. Ilde Guzman

    fourambition, woaooo I love it…
    You make look easy…
    I'm starting at my home, I have small machine, no bad for start…
    Thank you for your patiencie and show your tips

  2. Ben Campos

    What's a good 3-4 color screen print machine for someone getting started? I want to make great quality shirts that last.

  3. Michael Fragoso

    How many presses do you have? If you don't mind me asking, what does your company net on average every month? I understand if you don't want to answer that question. I'm just trying to get an idea. For now I run my shop out of my garage with one press (6/4 Vastex V1000).


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