How to print your own custom Digital Ceramic decals

How to print your own custom digital ceramic waterslide decals with Digital Ceramic Systems printer.
Having your own Digital Ceramic Printer gives you the flexibility and freedom to print your transfer runs on demand. You will gain from lower print costs compared to screen printing, and stock print runs, it is one of the most cost-effective print methods.
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The Surface Design Studio (formerly know as TiledSpace) is a brand of Digital Ceramics Ltd

Digital Ceramic Systems Ltd are the leading suppliers of patented digital ceramic printing technology. We are the only authorised UK supplier of MZ Toner Technologies patented range of Ceramic Toners and specially formulated developers.

Our toner technology is the highest quality available, superior photographic print reproduction, fade resistant and UV stable for permanent decoration. Applications include ceramics, porcelain, glass and vitreous enamelled steel.

Our stunning bespoke ceramic tile murals transform any space whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, entrance hall, offices, subways, stations …… the possibilities are endless. Whatever your project talk to us. All of our tiles are hard wearing and fade resistant, providing a permanent statement and unique alternative for your architectural or design project.

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