How to Print T-Shirt Easy and Fast Using DTG Printer presents 5 easy steps to print your own design to t-shirt using Direct To Garment Printer :
1. Press the garment for 10 seconds
2. Pre-treat using pretreatment solution
3. Press the pre-treated garment for 20 seconds
4. Load onto your DTG printer and print white layer and CYMK color layer
5. Press the finished garment for 60 seconds

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16 thoughts on “How to Print T-Shirt Easy and Fast Using DTG Printer

  1. Araf Rono

    Is there required two different printer for dark and light fabric ?? or just one printer could be used for both dark and light fabric ?thnx.

  2. vladlashing

    I have found these do not last and wash away quickly, not yours but DTG in general. Plus they never look vibrant like screen prints. When this gets worked out I can see it being viable but normal screen prints just look so much better.

  3. StreamerThreads #STTG

    How much on average does an a4 sized front print in multiple colours cost in ink cost?

    I am applying for a princes trust grant and we have our busines model setup but the only thing we dont know is the average cost per unit for production

    would be on a 100% cotton tee, I am just looking for the average ink costs for a single print.
    My time and electricity usage is irrelavant at this stage into this calculation.

    I really appreciate if you take the time to contact me back.

  4. wesam bafarat

    hi there. i need to know more about the pre treatment like what chemical that used and what it does exactly in the process
    best regards and forgive my bad English

  5. prasanna mishra

    Which ink is better? pigment or textile or sublimation? how much does it cost to print a tee? is there another name for the pretreatment solution, coz i cant find it anywhere.

  6. Tim Hosein

    hey this looks really cool…..was just wondering what brand of tees you used in the video? thanks dude


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