How to Print on Fabric with an Inkjet Printer and Freezer Paper – Washable as Well! shows you how print on fabric with your inkjet printer and freezer paper at home. In this video you will see step by step instructions for printing on fabric along with a tip about what I do to make the fabric retain more of the ink when it has been washed as well.

You can find the blog post for this tutorial here –

In this video I am using an Epson XP-410 and I highly recommend this printer. You can find it on *Amazon here:
You can also use any of the other Epson printers that have the Durabrite ink.

I also recommend using the Durabrite ink with this printer as it is made to be colourfast and smudge resistant. You can find that on *Amazon here:

You can also find Retayne on Amazon here* : or eBay here* :

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*The Amazon links are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission (it doesn’t cost you any extra, don’t worry) if you choose to purchase through one of them. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much 🙂

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