House Design Competitions – Book 2 Natco – A Book of House Designs – 1910

This book contains the contents of a special reprint of the Brickbuilder Magazine competition in 1910 of: “A Terra Cotta House for ,000”. This competition was sponsored by the National Fire Proofing Company of Pittsburgh to promote “Small House” design in an era when housing prices depressed housing construction. These houses look like mansions, however what you see here are houses smaller than 3,000 square feet. The architects who entered were the best in the entire United States community because of the very high prize awards offered. These designs represent Colonial, French, English, Italian, and Modern designs from architects trained during the Golden Age of architectural studio apprenticeships. These homes could be built today in brick, and stucco on concrete block.

This competition allowed up to 2 pen and ink drawings on Bristol Board from each architect so they could be reproduced on a copper plate rotogravure printing press for maximum quality equal to lithographs. These reproductions are not cheap half-tone reprints, but full density ink drawings. The entries show a beautiful perspective drawing, floor plans, site plan, and details. A few entries had only one drawing.

The book pages contain razor sharp, high resolution black line drawings on natural cream paper. Many drawings are beautiful enough to frame as artwork. These drawings are some of the very best architectural ink drawings ever performed.

The original version of this book is among the rarest of all books on earth. The originals were paper bound and crumbled over the past century due to acid in the paper. There are only 8 copies at all of the libraries worldwide. Our company has been digitizing all of the House Design Competitions of the early period of the 20th century up to the Depression when most of the Golden Age architects ceased production and retired. We have the largest collection of any library and can now produce them for the public who are interested in architecture. There will be 19 editions from our library collection. Please enjoy some of the best house designs never built.

Published by Wilkerson & Hughes, LLC – PO Box 777 – Altoona, FL 32702
40 Drawings – 68 Pages total
Wire Bound Cover Stock Card covers with 24 lb Natural Cream pages
Printed at 1200 dpi on a Commercial Digital Lithographic Printer
Very high D-Max black line density to equal original ink drawings
8.5″ wide x 11″ high
Weight – 7 ounces

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