Here’s a Gelli Plate Printing Idea…Use Spider Web Trim – Book of Backgrounds #47

Here’s a gelli plate printing idea that will inspire you to raid your stash to use found objects in your prints.

I was inspired by a spider web trim and wanted to get a reverse print, meaning, I didn’t want to use the spider web trim as a stamp, but to remove paint from the Gelli plate and it worked perfectly.

Using DecoArt Metalic Lustre wax metallics give it just the right amount of shine without being over the top metallic.

The spider web trim can be used over and over again without cleaning, as the build up of paint continues to create interesting little variances in the shapes.

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Side Note:

My videos are geared towards beginners and intermediates. I talk throughout the process to make it easy for you to understand. I avoid speeding up the videos and mistakes are not edited out so you can see how to fix it if it happens to you. In doing this, the videos are a little bit longer.

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What exactly is a “Book of Backgrounds”?

I started this series in 2012 as a fun way to create a bunch of backgrounds when I was going through a “bleh” faze. By creating backgrounds in advance, as I flipped through the book, a background would jump out at me, allowing me to be excited and creatively inspired to create something on it.

The original name of the entire project is the “Bob and Doug” series.

BOB being “book of backgrounds”

DOUG was coined from my readers as “doing your unusual genre”.

If you’re a Canadian, you know who “Bob and Doug” are…and I thought it would be something totally unrelated, but memorable.


How Does the BOB Project Work?

In the “Book of Background” series, all the backgrounds are created first. When you are done painting all the backgrounds, then you start creating the artwork based on the background that inspires you.


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