Full Color Offset Printing in Live Action at PrintPapa

See the Presstek DI in action, printing 5000 Full color flyers in just less than an hour. PrintPapa has been using Presstek’s Waterless DI printing for past one year and has been producing high quality printing everyday. An example of Green printing – no need for fountain solutions, no chemistry required for making plates. It is a great example of Green Printing. Visit www.PrintPapa.com to print your next project.

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5 thoughts on “Full Color Offset Printing in Live Action at PrintPapa

  1. Shantanu Nag

    1st print ready sheet in 10 min. If color critical then it takes another 5 to 10 min. So from the click of the button to the time press spits the first sheet out. Please be aware that sometime other press makers will not include the time to make plates + pre-press handing the plate like washing or storing etc.


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