Full Color Digital T Shirt Transfer System | Screen Printing Alternative

Full Color Digital T Shirt Transfer System | Screen Printing Alternative

This is a live webinar recording from Digital HeatFX (http://digitalheatfx.com) that goes through all the pros and cons between screen printing and our Digital HeatFX Digital T Shirt Transfer system – using FULL COLOR photos as the best example.

The Digital HeatFX system is a full color t shirt transfer printer based on a color LED white toner printer. Unlike other t shirt transfer systems, Digital HeatFX transfers can be applied on dark or light garments, cottons or polyesters, and come out looking GREAT!

Unlike Screen Printing, the Digital HeatFX Full Color T Shirt Transfer system does not require:
– Set up fees, time or charges
– Burning of Screens
– Color separations
– Dark rooms
– Tunnel Dryers
– Screen Storage

.. and since it’s a full color digital system it really appeals to screen printers because they no longer have to talk customers out of more than 2 or 4 colors, don’t have to enforce a minimum quantity because there are no screens to invest in, and don’t have to send them away because they want full color, short run prints!

Learn more about the digital heatfx t shirt transfer system at http://www.digitalheatfx.com

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