Foosball Table with 3d printing // How To

Check out how I made a foosball table with 140 3d printed parts!
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See more info on the 3d printing
Also, there’s a small Behind The Scenes video

3d printable pocket hole jig on Thingiverse



(some are better than the versions I own)
Digital Plans – – Free Files for 3d printed parts – EMT conduit (buy it locally) – SawStop cabinet saw – Skil circular saw – Dewalt 20v drill driver combo – Countersink drill bits – Orbital Sander – Pancake compressor/nail gun combo – 54″ Drywall T-Square – Jigsaw – Grizzly Drill Press (WAAAAY overpriced (3x) on Amazon, buy from Grizzly directly.) – Kreg R3 pocket hole jig kit – Speed square – Foosball 4 pack – Leveling table feet – Pipe cutter – CA Glue (medium) – CA Activator – 5 minute epoxy – Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D printer – Ultimaker 2 extrusion upgrade kit – Ultimaker 3 – Digital Calipers – All filaments, 3d printing supplies from MatterHackers – Heat Gun – Quikclot clotting sponge – First aid kit – Respirator – Filters – Eye protection – Ear protection

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18 thoughts on “Foosball Table with 3d printing // How To

  1. I Like To Make Stuff

    Get everything you need at

    With more than one goalie, you don't add corner ramps (first question)
    There was one player that was a bad print and it snapped. Turned out that it had bad layer adhesion and was split before we even put it on. They ended up reprinting it.
    I'm not sure of print time (they were finished when I got there) but it was surely A LOT.

  2. Bob Nipp

    Great video! With these rods, can you use men that you buy online? Foosball table rods online are 5/8", and the men are made to fit this. Just curious how this would work without the 3d printer (would have to buy men online)

  3. jeff smith

    at the beginning you said they were going to print as much of the project as possible.  Could they have not printed out the screws used to put it together?  just wondering. 😀

  4. Gregory Jameson

    Hey Bob, I wanted to know: if I only had availability on the Ultimaker 2 extended would that be sufficient and do I need the extrusion upgrade kit? I also see that you put the ultimate 3, is that for specific pieces or the ultimate 2 is fine? And what does the upgrade kit do and is for? Also how long does it take to print out all the pieces? Also I see that the pieces are not downloadable to a actual file but only printable from their actual site, is that ok?! How much Nylon X do i need? And finally, where is the game field file, or is it something I have to make on my own? Anyways thanks for your help and stay my number one channel:) cheers

  5. Σπυρίδων Σκαρλάτος

    It's very nice project!! Now to complete my playroom I'm waiting you to make a pool (billiard) table. Continue your amazing job.

  6. Jeff Zugale

    Visited MatterHackers yesterday and got to see this build close up! It is super clean and beautifully built. Fantastic work, Bob! 😀

  7. Silas33

    this is awesome 🙂 how about trying a Magic Mirror? one way mirror with monitor in the back powered by raspberry. Basically a mirror that shows you time, weather, whatever 🙂


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