Epson SureColor® P600 Inkjet Photo Printer

Hear the story behind Whoooolio and learn how Epson is pushing the limits of inkjet printing with their new SureColor® P600.

Epson P600 Product Details

Greg and Kathy interviewed Eddie Murphy, Product Management about the new Epson P600 printer. Their new inkset has the best blacks in the industry and the new SureColor P600 has them. It also has a new front load feature when loading custom papers instead of having to load it from he rear. Be sure to watch the whole video and learn about their office mascot and why Eddie loves butter pecan ice cream. Keep shooting!

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9 thoughts on “Epson SureColor® P600 Inkjet Photo Printer

  1. Maury Rangel

    Hi Thank you for all the info…I am a Photographer from Texas just purchased this printer from B&H and want to order some roll papers to test it i know it does 13" Roll Paper i wonder how big can the roll be?? Thank you for all your time and attention

  2. Mikael Falkenberg

    Here is one question that i think would be good to bring up which i wonder: original ink versus refill ink in terms of quality and longtivity after refill. Is it really worth it?

  3. Mikael Falkenberg

    Hello. I just picked up the printer today and the install went fine. I have done few print outs from lightroom and from my iphone 6 with amazing quality. I only have premium gloss paper in A4 size right now. I have looked at fine art paper in A3, cold press i think, but here in Sweden they are very expensive. When the weather allows it i will take my canon 6d and take a few shots. Maybe down at the beach or harbor.

  4. Mikael Falkenberg

    Hello there. I have just put on order on the Epson P600 plus some paper and i can't wait to see the results. I use a Canon Eos 6D which takes amazing photos. With the Epson P600 i think the results will be evn more amazing.

  5. Starsonedge

    I was hoping for more information on the link you provided.. but its just a link to your page with the same video. What's the point


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