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A constant, optimum air humidity is a key factor in attaining a high quality of print and ensuring smooth production processes. During the winter months, in particular, the room air humidity in printing plants often falls to critical levels: paper distortion, static, impaired machine running, production stoppages and resultant avoidable additional costs are often the negative consequences.

Benefits of air humidification:
• Faster production
• High register accuracy
• No paper distortion
• No static
• Less dust
• Less spoilage
• Consistent quality
• Pleasant room climate
• Fewer health problems

Benefits of standardised process water:

Sterilized and demineralised pure water is essential to the trouble-free, hygienic operation of an air humidification plant. In offset printing, the pure water produced for the air humidification process can additionally be used as standardised process water. Treated water protects the printing machines against corrosion and reduces operating costs:
• Cuts the consumption of chemicals by up to 50%
• Reduces the cleaning of the dampening solution circuit
• Prevents toning and blanking
• Enables alcohol-free printing
• Relieves the impact on the environment

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