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Considering switching from offset to digital printing? Offset might be king, but here are the top 5 advantages to going digital:
1. Print on Demand
No more waste! Digital printing is a cost effective way to print only what you need, when you need it. Don’t worry about ordering an extra 1,000 copies of that brochure, because you don’t want to go back to print. Digital printing allows you to order just the quantity you need, and it’s simple and cost effective to order reprints.
2. Variable Data Printing
Who said print isn’t personal? With digital printing you can customize each printed piece to its intended recipient. This makes direct mail true one-on-one communication with your customers or prospects. The more you know about your recipients, the more you can customize your pieces. Drill down in your mailing list and really target your audience. You can customize text fields, images, colors and virtually any other element on a printed piece.
3. Short Run and Quick Turnaround
Digital printing allows you to have professional looking printed pieces, even if you need a low quantity. Even if you only need 100 copies of your newsletter, it’s not going to cost you a fortune to print. Need something printed in a pinch? Digital printing typically has a very quick turnaround time.
4. High Quality
Digital printing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise quality for convenience. Although offset printing will give you the absolutely best quality, you can still achieve pretty great results in full color from a digital press.
5. PDF Proofing
Digital printing offers one of the most streamlined workflow available in printing. Visiting your printer to check color and hard proofs isn’t necessary anymore. Now you can check your projects right from your desk. PDF proofing gives you an accurate representation so you can be fairly confident saying “go” without leaving your office.

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