Cylindrical screen printer (DIY)

Cylindrical screen printer
From: Macedonia, Bitola
Martin Dimitrievski
Song: Consoul Trainin’ & Pink Noisy – Litanie Des Saints

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10 thoughts on “Cylindrical screen printer (DIY)

  1. Fred Lowetz

    Martin, I have been searching for weeks for the capability/machine you have shown here! THIS IS FANTASTIC! This is exactly what I need!

  2. Juan Acosta

    buenas noches hermano en el video mostraste todo menos de quitar y montar otro vaso me explico estampaste un vaso pero no agarraste otro y lo estampaste ¿ como haces para montar otro vaso para estampar ??

  3. Denise Coriz

    i been looking for this a long time please can I copy your cylindrical press, If yes do you have a plan of it or DYI? Thanks in advance

  4. Thomas Murtle

    This guy is smart, great idea. What about when screen printing soft plastic cups will using the heat gun make the inks durable

  5. Peter Austin

    neat roller design – better than a flat label to have to stick onto cyllinder. v/ accurate – good job.


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