cotton cold transfer printing

The most advanced Cotton Digital Printing solution. Just use ordinary inkjet printer, special coated paper, special formulated reactive ink, heat press for transferring beautiful images on to Cotton T shirts.

Cold transfer printing is an advanced printing method introduced in recent years. The application of optimized cold transfer printing technique helps to simplify the complicated process of traditional printing technology.

It can be applied to many kinds of material, including environmental regeneration fiber and natural fiber, such as Nylon, Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Silk, Wool etc.

The Advantage of Cold Transfer Printing technology

Environmental Protection
It uses environmental friendly raw material and optimized painting technique. It achieves the utmost use of dyes by high fastness and high transfer rate. Its principle is no excess and no wastage.

Energy-saving and Emission-reduction
It can transfer print and fix color under room temperature, which can save 65% energy. It can easily be washed by water due to a small number of paste, which save 60% water consumption. Its discharge water, which doesn’t include APEO or AOX and has extremely low content of COD, achieves 90% recovery.

Beautiful printing effect
The fabric printing surface is as pretty as photo.

We supply the transfer machine, special reactive ink, special paper and cotton coating solution.

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