CMYK Color Profile/Gamut Explained

MORE: This VIDEO will demonstrate the visual differences between GRACoL and SWOP CMYK color profiles. The VIDEO will describe which colors will reproduce more accurately on press. There is no such thing as a universal CMYK. The fact that an image is in CMYK does not mean the color will be correct. CMYK is a ‘device dependent’ color space, meaning that the CMYK data will print differently from one CMYK device to another. Every CMYK device has it’s own color profile.

Knowing which CMYK color profile to convert to from RGB is very important to the success of the color quality.

Today we will demonstrate the differences between the GRACoL (general requirements for applications in commercial offset lithography) and SWOP (specification for web offset printing) CMYK color gamuts.

The demonstration shows the GRACoL and SWOP CMYK color gamuts in a 3-Dimensional wireframe. The color wireframes are plotted in the LAB color space. The LAB color space is ‘device indepedent’, meaning that LAB color data is absolute. prints to the GRACoL color profile/specification.

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