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HiCAD neXt Sheet metal – offset sheets from surafces of solid parts

basic about offsetting sheet flanges from surfaces of solid parts in hicad.


Discover the OFFSET function. Select the HD quality option for the best full-screen viewing experience. Visit for more videos and tutorials! Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet. To edit it, first save it onto your Discover A Lot More

Simple Offset

Available now on Google play: Simple offset is a handy offset calculator to calculate square offsets, in the sheet metal and electrical industry(electrical trunking) Discover A Lot More

Use ArrayFormula, Match and Offset in Google Sheets

The arrayformula in Google Sheets has a number of great different use cases. This video pairs the arrayformula with Match and Offset to pull in a constantly updating range of data in one sheet to create a chart in another sheet. Discover A Lot More

Selecting Cells in VBA – Sheets, Ranges, ActiveCell, SpecialCells, End, and Offset – Code Included

When you start coding you will want to know how to Select Cells. In many ways, this is one of the first steps in your journey. In this video, we review selecting Sheets (or worksheets), Ranges which are a child of sheets and cells which are a Discover A Lot More

Pattern Making for Sheet Metal- Offset Transition

Pattern making for a round to round transition piece with an offset top and bottom. generally used in sheet metal fabrication for HVAC, food processing, etc.... I originally used this technique to make patterns for custom exhaust systems used Discover A Lot More