Category: Offset Printing Problems

3D Printer Offset Troubleshooting

This vid is for a forum troubleshoot on the z-offset.

Fixing a Davinci 3D Printer Offset Issue – Video #014

In this episode, Chuck shows you how he fixed a problem with a Davinci 1.0 3D printer. The prints were shifting during the build and the problem was first found then fixed in this video. Discover A Lot More

Heidelberg India – Common Problems with Rollers

Munish Kaushal, Heidelberg Press Applications Specialist, talks about some common problems in rollers and how you can avoid them. Issues like 'bad roller settings', 'bad wash-up procedures' etc are addressed by the expert! An excerpt from Heidelberg Discover A Lot More

da Vinci 1.0 Pro Calibration Fail Trouble Shooting & Z-Offset Adjustment

For more information, please contact us: Official Website - Facebook Page - Discover A Lot More

Troubleshooting 3D prints, first layer issues

Troubleshooting 3d prints focusing on first layer problems. if you're in Australia and need filament or spare parts. Video on e-steps calibration: Discover A Lot More