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Utility Forms

Utility Forms is a printing solutions and services provider with branches across India. Utility Forms offer customized single source support for a comprehensive range of business critical printing services. Started in 1982, Utility Forms began Discover A Lot More

Bolt PDF Printing Software | PDF Printer Video Tutorial

Bolt PDF is a PDF document creator. Use it to create PDFs through the Print option of any program. Download Bolt PDF at: Discover A Lot More

Rajiv Dixit Lecture on Inspiring Story of Rajkot Offset Printing Machinery

******** हमारे साथ जुड़े ***** हमारा facebook पेज हमारी Twitter ID ~~~~~ Free Download करे ~~~~~ श्री Discover A Lot More

InDesign CC: Adding printer’s marks (Crop marks, Registrations marks, etc)

Can we smash through 50 "Likes"?! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe: -- In today's quick tutorial, I show you how to add "Printer's marks" to your prints in InDesign. By adding crop marks, Discover A Lot More

Adding crop or trim marks and bleed to PDF, artwork, Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6

Tutorial video to explain how to create crop or trim marks and bleed values on PDFs, to create artwork for print ready files. For any questions, contact us at: Discover A Lot More

Book page setting Center Pin and perfect binding Book page layout setting 4 page sheet setting, layout page setup, format book page setup, 18x23 page setting for offset printing, understanding Book Layouts and Page, visit, Learn to make adhaaar Card by PDF in Discover A Lot More

Colour for offset, digital, variable data, mobile & signage – in PDF? – Peter Karp

Presentation at the Technical Conference Europe 2013 by Peter Karp, Fogra about solving workflow equations with multiple unknowns with PDF. Discover A Lot More

How to create a simple book Imposition layout from a PDF file for digital printing

Tutorial video for creating or editing different settings in Imposition Studio, the easiest ever professional imposition software for digital & offset printing Discover A Lot More

How To Make a Simple Printing Press

I made a simple printing press for block printing. This press is cheap, easy to build, and uses an interesting mechanism. Free Plans: How to Block Print: Twitter: Discover A Lot More

Creating RIP Separations and a PDF:X 1a 2001 Compliant PDF For Offset Printing Using Adobe Illustrat

This is a recording of my lesson on 'creating printer separations and colour proof composite files' for offset printing using Adobe Illustrator. No audio… I'm sick today. 🙁 Discover A Lot More

Creating Perfect PDF Files for Press

MORE: InDesign export settings will ensure print-ready PDFs for faster turnaround times and no output errors in prepress. Compression settings will ensure for quick upload times to your printer. Discover A Lot More

How to create a print ready pdf file from Indesign

This video is to show you how create a print ready pdf file from an Adobe Indesign document.

Create a print ready PDF in Adobe Illustrator A brief video on the basic principles of setting up and saving a print ready file using Adobe Illustrator. Discover A Lot More

Digital Printing Central Ohio Call (614) 529-0977 Digital Printing Central Ohio Considering switching from offset to digital printing? Offset might be king, but here are the top 5 advantages to going digital: 1. Print on Demand No more waste! Digital printing Discover A Lot More

Adding Printer’s Crop Marks And Bleed Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is meant to be used for preparing images for print and as of CS6, there is no way to automatically include crop and bleed when creating PDF files to send out to a printer. Adding crop marks and bleed manually to your Photoshop artwork Discover A Lot More

How to get Files Ready for Prepress

How to get files ready for prepress. In this software tutorial we will show you how to prepare an Adobe InDesign CS5 file for prepress with the aid of Markzware FlightCheck. The same applies for QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc, or Discover A Lot More

How to print 2 pages on one A4 page

A very quick "how to" which shows how to put 2 A4 pages (reduced) onto 1 A4 sheet, Background music called "The Way" is written, performed and © H,L,Hall Discover A Lot More

How to prepare Illustrator files for print | tutorial

This Illustrator tutorial discusses how to create a document for print using the Print Document profile. Watch more at This Discover A Lot More

ScanPro Services: Special Data Capturing Services

Our Special Data Capturing Services: 1) Document Design into Adobe Illustrator (PDF Output) - Convert document into (1 OR 2 languages): (Font: Arno Pro, 9pt) 2) Offset film processing (Printing booklet perforation) OR Laser printing A4 cut sheet Discover A Lot More

Print Production Spot color Poster 3

Videos 4: A series of 4 tutorial videos slowing you how to create spot color poster art for offset printing with illustrator. Links, alignment and output to layered pdf artwork. Discover A Lot More