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Linotype machine, Printing Press, typesetting, 1892 – 1970 CLassic Machinery

Printing using an old press. Composing into forms for the lineotype The linotype machine ( /ˈlaɪnətaɪp/ lyn-ə-typ) is a "line casting" machine used in printing. Along with letterpress printing, linotype was the industry standard for newspapers, Discover A Lot More

6 color rotogravure printing machine

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6 Color Rotogravure Printing Press Machine

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www6 Color Rotogravure Printing Press Machine India The policy made by the company makes us engaged in offering a quality assured range of Rotogravure Printing Machine. These machines are Discover A Lot More

paper cone printing machine offset 6 spindle

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How to Print PVC Card (White)

With our PVC card printing package, you can now full digital printing on PVC ID Card. Size: 86mm x 54mm x 0.76mm Print your member card, ID card, student card, bonus card, discount card etc. Personalized PVC card with different photo and ID are Discover A Lot More

Printing 1947 Vocational Guidance Films: Jobs with Printers & Publishers

more at "Printing occupations, opportunities and technologies before electronics and computers changed the world." NEW VERSION with improved video & sound: Public Discover A Lot More

Best Paper Types for Printing | Types of Printer Paper

Different Types of Printer Paper. There are various types of printer paper available, but not all of them are created for the same purpose. With the right paper, colors can become brighter, black text can stand out Discover A Lot More

Engraved Printing: “Heights and Depths” 1938 Chevrolet Film on Rotogravure

more at "Principles of engraving are dramatized, showing that the tones of pictures result from high and low places on the engraver's plate." NEW VERSION with improved video & sound: Public Discover A Lot More

Paper Cone Printing Machine – Offset Type

This Offset Printing Machine is used in Printing Cones with Offset Inks . Good Quality Printing will be obtained . Discover A Lot More

Difference Between Paper Size And Gsm (Weight) – Paper Size Vs Gsm (Weight)

Weights international paper sizes, formats what people mean when they talk about the weight of a sheet of paper or card is that still use us paper sizes, is grams per square metre (g m or commonly gsm). Paper that is used in offices is usually between Discover A Lot More

John Brady Graphic Designer: Understanding paper sizes and printing terminology Understand paper sizes and printing terminology for students of graphic design for more information visit or Discover A Lot More

Hamada E47S Offset Press

Hamada E47S Offset Press under power video demonstration. Manufacturer: Hamada Model: E47S Type: Offset Press Colors: 2 Color Size: 17.87" X 13.58" Chain Delivery T51 T-Head Crestline Dampening Systems on Main Condition: Good, machine powers up Discover A Lot More

Paper Guide – Choosing paper for Printing Projects present a guide to choosing paper for print projects with tips from Alan Bunter of Remous Print. If you are wondering which type of paper suits which type of jobs, start here. For more info, call Alan on 01963 250920. Remous Print Discover A Lot More


A new developed PRINTPLAS brand flexo stack printing machine for paper and plastic film printing purpose. This machine is equipped with auto splicing for unwind and rewind section. Video shown paper printing at 30gsm and half tone printing performance. Discover A Lot More

How to Choose Paper for Print – in 3 Easy Steps

Request your Free Paper Guide from Different types of paper are better suited to different uses. Watch this video to find out: 1) How to choose the best paper for your print 2) To gain Discover A Lot More

non woven fabric d cut bag & paper offset printing machine 1622 & 1824

We are engaged in offering our clients a high quality range of Two Colours Non Woven Fabric Printing Machinery. Precisely manufactured and has high degree of automation, this range is designed under the guidance of skilled professionals at par with Discover A Lot More