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History of Printing

Printing began as an attempt to make easier the production of multiple copies of documents, fabrics, and so on. Nowadays, printing is seen as fundamental for many industries, such as commercial, law, religion and others. Printing has become part Discover A Lot More

Lithography 4-Color Separation Century Plate

Fine art four color separation lithography made easily and inexpensively. This video demonstrates step by step how to use a Century Plate to make a four color separation lithograph both hand drawn and photographically. Special features include Discover A Lot More

Firstpacks Lithographic Carton Laminating Process Litho laminating is the process gluing a printed and coated press sheet to the corrugated board prior to die-cutting and processing it into a box. Litho lamination offers the high quality of offset printing. That is, you get much Discover A Lot More

Plate Lithography at Edinburgh Printmakers

Photo-plate Lithography demonstrated by Alastair Clark, Assistant Director at Edinburgh Printmakers. Photo-plate lithography allows drawn or photographic images on acetate to be exposed and printed by hand. Discover A Lot More

Stone Lithography at Edinburgh Printmakers

Stone Lithography demonstrated by Alastair Clark, Assistant Director at Edinburgh Printmakers Lithography works on the principle that grease and water repel each other. In Stone Lithography, images are drawn and printed directly on blocks of limestone. Discover A Lot More

Lithography process explained in conjunction with Chuck Close Prints exhibition at the Frist Center

The Frist Center featured the exhibition Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration from June 26 through September 13, 2009. The exhibition, which included more than 130 works, explored Closes continuing investigation into the relationship between Discover A Lot More

Pressure + Ink: Lithography Process

Subscribe for our latest videos: Explore our collection online: Plan your visit in-person: Produced in conjunction with the exhibition German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse. Find out Discover A Lot More

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