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Introduction to Stereolithography

Take a closer look at the stereolithography (SLA) print process, and see how Formlabs prints compare to parts made from an extrusion-based fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer: The Form 1+ is a stereolithography 3D printer. Today, we’re Discover A Lot More

Printmaking Processes: Lithography

Lithography works on the principle that grease and water repel each other. There is no carving involved. The artist draws on a stone with a greasy crayon and then covers the stone with a thin film of water. the oily ink will stick to the greasy image Discover A Lot More

Fundamentals of Offset Lithography video from 1996

Video from 1996 on the Fundamentals of Offset Lithography

Industrial Printing Processes

PRINTING PROCESSES This is a video on industrial printing processes by the World Association of Technology Teachers The video includes the Letterpress, Rotary Letterpress, Screen Printing, Lithography, Discover A Lot More

How Stone Lithography Works

How Stone Lithography Works. In this video I show you how I have made my first stone print and also explain the origins of stone lithography. Win one of the stone prints I have made by answering this question. Who invented stone lithography? Subscribe Discover A Lot More