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Behold The Full Colour 3D printer

Behold The Future...The RoVa4D Full Color Blender is the World's first affordable full color 3D printer! It is easy to use and comes ready-to-print. What is Full Color Blending? The RoVa4D works by extruding separate cyan, magenta, yellow, black, Discover A Lot More

This 3D Printer Builds Full-Color Paper Models!

Traditional desktop 3D printers use melted plastic as their build material, but Mcor's printers layer sheets of paper on top of each other to create their models. We check out the new Mcor Arke, a printer that cuts from a large spool of paper, glues Discover A Lot More


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Full Color Offset Printing in Live Action at PrintPapa

See the Presstek DI in action, printing 5000 Full color flyers in just less than an hour. PrintPapa has been using Presstek's Waterless DI printing for past one year and has been producing high quality printing everyday. An example of Green printing Discover A Lot More

New Full Color 3D Printing Tech by Stratasys @ PD&M 2016

Stratasys's Mark Bashor presents some colorful samples printed on their Objet Connex3 3d printer. Stratasys Creative Colors Software with the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine created these impressive examples. Additional 3d printed innovations are also Discover A Lot More

Fairprint Single Color Mini Offset Printing Machine

Fairprint Single Color Mini Offset Printing Machine

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