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Flexography India Press is a Global Manufacturer & Exporter of flexo photo polymer plate making machine, Rubber stamp making machine, Solvent Recovery Equipment…etc. for Flexographic printing industries…FIP Group’s Head quarter in the Viramgam Discover A Lot More

Dry Offset Printing Machine

Demonstraton of Dry offset printing machine for printing on Round plastic containers Visit Discover A Lot More

Dry Offset Printing Machine

Pail printing machine – dry offset printing – DOMINATOR 300 Fully Automatic Dry Offset Printing Machine for printing up to Four colors on side wall of conical or cylindrical Injection Molded container (Pails) Discover A Lot More

What is Dry Offset Printing?

What is Dry Offset Printing? Sanden NA, dba Minertech, showing how they print prepress samples on the McDonald's Olympics 2009 cups. As a definition, dry in dry offset is a reference to the absence of water in the inking system, which is In contrast Discover A Lot More

dry offset tube printer

Dry Offset Tube Printer Seven Color, Designed & manufactured by Azar Sayan Machine co. more info: Discover A Lot More

Dry Offset Bucket Pail Printing

High speed printing

8-Color dry offset tube printing machine

Tube printing machine ,can be used in cosmeitc tube & PE bottle. Discover A Lot More

9 Color Dry Offset Printing Process

Hinterkopf H240 Printing Press in action printing aluminum aerosol cans

Dry Offset Printing Machine

This Machine can print four color printing at a time, printing instant noodle bowl, printing drinking cup, ice cream cup and printing other cups, easy to operate.For further query contact Mr. C.P.Paul on, 9811016182. Discover A Lot More