Book Printing , Booklet label for pharmaceutical company by Mookoonghwa LNB

●Booklet Label (Multi-Label)
One layer, consisting of layers of fear and that can be peeled off like onion layers are labeled.

Detachable semi-permanent special adhesive has been designed using.
The first sheet be thin re-attachment label of open phenomenon does not occur .
Convenient opening and closing the first sheet second sheet in order to can be made the handle for easy opening and closing.

Made to Order and proceed to page 2 or 3 pages are made up.

●Booklet Label (Manual Pack)
Complex, containing large amounts of information to guide work through 5-6 times ground horizontally, vertically, by making the size of 40mm or less in containers so that you can simply attach the adhesive is processing the documentation.

●Booklet Label
Trademark on the label, including the manual was produced in book form is a special label.

A consumer perspective – manual attached to the container loss, there is no worry of damage.
Misuse of drugs can be blocked. Made in the form of books to read, it is convenient.
In the packaging of small quantity batch of the drug label is appropriate. Will be open several times, even removable. Lose your case, and other packaging products to the packaging process, reducing waste generation has the effect of eco-friendly packaging.

Made to Order, and can be made on page 4 to page 20, and by size from 30ml ~ 500ml container can be manufactured in sizes to fit.
● Company : Mookoonghwa LNB Co., Ltd.
● Address : 12-1, Seobu8-Gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si Chungcheongnam-do Korea

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