Behold The Full Colour 3D printer

Behold The Future…The RoVa4D Full Color Blender is the World’s first affordable full color 3D printer! It is easy to use and comes ready-to-print.

What is Full Color Blending?

The RoVa4D works by extruding separate cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white filaments into a single hot end where they are blended together and deposited from a single nozzle. This works similarly to your inkjet printer at home except that we also need white filament, since we aren’t printing on paper. This lets you print unlimited colors in a single print. The materials can be printed with a gradient or as hard separations. The printer switches colors by purging the difference in a little bin (just like your inkjet) or to reduce the waist the transition can happen inside the infill area of the print provided that it’s large enough. The RoVa4D has 3 separate hot ends. One is capable of printing in any color, hue, tone, tint or shade. The second one is dedicated to flexible materials like Ninjaflex, and the third one is dedicated to dissolvable support material. If you want you can switch between all three during a single print.

What about Blending Materials?

Not only can it blend CMYK+W to create any color in the rainbow, but our new printer can ALSO blend PLA based materials, like hard and soft to create an infinitely variable hardness of material. Five different materials go into one hot end and they are mixed together to produce new material. Combining these together you can create hybrids of each one. It works the same as the color, but instead of creating a new color, they blend together and create a material with new properties.

During our Kickstarter you have the choice to include with your reward either a CMYK+W filament pack (5 in total), or the multi-material pack which will include: Carbon Fiber, Wood, Transparent, Metal Filled (sinterable metal), and Soft Material (5 in total). Or you can choose to get both so you can switch between color mixing and material mixing (please see the information regarding rewards further down the page). You can also substitute other PLA based materials yourself, but the base polymers have to be compatible and that may require some testing. These are just the ones that we are supplying, that we have tested.

Saves you Money in Printing Materials:
What we think is the absolute best feature of the printer is the ability to choose any color you want. You can color match to a picture and have the correct colors instantaneously without needing to shop around on the web trying to find the right ones.It eliminates the problem of buying a specific color of filament to print one small part and then having to store it on the shelf because you don’t have an immediate use for it, or perhaps it ended up not being the color you wanted after all. What a waste of money! Because now you are onto ordering the next color you need or want to try. Or perhaps it is the complete opposite and you find yourself in the middle of a print and you run out of the color you special ordered in and have to go re-order only to find that when it arrives it is a different shade because it was made in a different batch, but sold as the same product. Again, what a waste of money and time spent waiting.

That’s the value proposition. With this printer you will get consistency in color, and you can just pick the color you need from an infinite pallet. It’s easier and faster. Pick the colors calibrated to the Pantone scale or use the rgb or cmyk codes from a color picker. Finally the things you print can look like the things you wanted to print. It’s one less step of processing. You don’t have to paint your models after the fact they simply come off the bed completed.

One color is no longer boring when every print can be a different custom color on the fly. We’ve taken 3D printing and added a new dimension to it. Color. What if you printed a fish in a green ocean because you ran out of blue. The effect would be devastating. (Trust us, we’ve been there).

For schools it adds one more step of involvement in that the students can color the models and contribute more to the process.

Imagine how much more organized and efficient your filament stock room can be if you only need to stock 5 colors and from those 5 you can produce ANY color, hue, tint, shade, or tone in the rainbow!


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